7 success factors in choosing a Forex VPS

7 success factors in choosing a Forex VPS

Forex VPS should meet 7 criteria for successful trading. Success begins with the right choice of a server.


Ping is a parameter of the rate of exchange of messages between two nodes in the network. The lower this parameter is, the faster the bunch works. In other words, it is always better to spend less time on the exchange of information between two points in the network.

The ideal option is a zero ping: Ping 0 ms.

Ping is measured in milliseconds.

For trading, this could mean an increase in the speed of execution of your order from the terminal to the broker’s server. Fast speed can directly affect the quality of the entry into the market when the desired input point corresponds to the actual one. Of course, not only the speed factor affects the entry point, but ping, perhaps, takes 70% of the success of implementation.

Let’s assume that for trading you use an adviser, who works on a particular algorithm. The basis of the algorithm is to give the correct entry point. If technically too much time will be spent for the opening, the accuracy of the adviser’s work may suffer.

Also, the parameter of remoteness of the trading server from your trading machine can play during the order modification as well as its cancellation/closing.

To a greater extent, the remoteness of the desktop machine from the ending address influences on the ping. Always choose a VPS geographically closer to the trading server of the broker/service/services/access point. Try to reduce the working distance which is comparable with the work of a sniper: the efficiency increases at short distances.

Key spaces which brokers and services work on: London, Amsterdam and New York. You can always check with your broker/service about the geography of placement of its servers and stand close.

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A certain amount of server resources is allocated to each VPS. As a rule, it does not make sense to pay attention to the announced resources that you can see from the host on the website, and here’s why.

Hosting works on the following principle: “people never will drop in at the same time”, respectively hosting counts to the server sale several times. Imagine that the same apartment in one apartment building is sold several times to different people, with the expectation that they will be housed in the building not at the same time, but in turn.

Trading hosting should not work in such a way. Resources must be yours even when you are not on the server, as you leave the server running with the terminals, advisors, and trading software.

The most obvious sign of overselling (sales of the same resources to different users) is ultralow prices for the servers. Remember, hardware with adequate implementation technology cannot be cheap; it is a clear sign of non-compliance with the requirements for the trading server.

Quality hosting reserves resources for you even when you are not on the server. This is a basic requirement for the trading server.

Chocoping ensures the availability of resources even when you are not in front of a monitor.


Trading server must mean an advisor working on it. It is important for an advisor that the server runs continuously, because most of the algorithms may be lost or reset if the server is restarted.

Uptime of the server, its continuous work should strive for 100% of the time. Even when, for some reason you lose access to the server (you do not have an Internet access at the moment), the server should continue to work.

Minimally, if for some technical reasons, the server must be restarted without your participation, the support desk should warn you about it.


Forex VPS, like any other system, must go through preventive measures. The minimum that we can recommend is to restart the server once a week, so you can avoid the hidden nuances of the work of your operating system, which thus receives “his dose of coffee” to cheer up.

Do not delete the system software installed on the server. Do not delete software that you have not installed. You never know, for what aspect of work it can respond.

Do not overwhelm the server drives with superfluous files: the less the weight is, the faster your fireball goes.


Sometimes it happens that Windows (it is used for most trading software) decides to think about and it happens in bad time, in this case it would be useful to have access to the management of the machine from the site of your hosting. You should be able to: turn off/turn on/restart/reset your VPS.

Thanks to this functionality, you can regain access to the machine without the need for support call; it will significantly reduce the time of this operation that is sometimes critical.

With us, you can manage the server from your personal account.


There are a lot of virtualization technologies, on the basis of which VPS are created. It is desirable that the technology meets the requirements and was not a “pseudo technology”, when in fact one machine is just “cut” at accounts.

Technology should create separate cells, but not divide the existing ones.

Here also there is an indicator, a constantly developed stable technology cannot be cheap.


Sometimes one and the same operating system can run in completely different ways and it happens due to a variety of factors. Of course, operating system must be easy and fast for trading server, in other words – optimized for trade. It is desirable that the operating system has been tested by the terminals’ work, and its type must particularly match your area of ​​work. Sometimes WindowsServer 2003 is better than WindowsServer 2008, and sometimes you cannot do without the 2008, especially if you want to trade to futures or to use the trading terminals using NetFramework.

Forex VPS should be flexible and be adapted specifically to your needs.

Chocoping servers are optimized for trading