Unique affiliate program of Chocoping Forex VPS. Up to 30% reward

We offer a reward to everyone who will lead a customer to us via a special link to attract. You will receive a reward for each package purchased by this customer. Moreover, you will receive such a reward on a monthly basis with each extension of the server from the side of your attracted user. It is easy to work with us, because the user invited by you will have a great temptation: we do not just provide rental services for trading virtual servers, but we are also able to offer truly exclusive and attractive offers. For example, our exclusive bonuses (you cannot find such ones on the market) for each activated VPS or coupons that we distribute among our partners and in social networks. It is enough to just subscribe to our feed in Facebook or Twitter and watch the news, among which discount coupons will appear. Your guest may come now, we will remember him (her) for 90 days and as soon as he activates VPS you will get a bonus instantly on your internal account. Bonus is expressed as a percentage of the payment. We are loyal to our partners and constantly raise the percentage of payments on the individual basis. See how it goes.
1st rank Start bonus upon activation of the affiliate program 5%
2d rank After the first withdrawal of funds under the affiliate program 7%
3d rank After the second withdrawal of funds 10%
Project partner status 50 active products * 15%
Project general partner status 100 active products * 20%
*Any product of any VPS activation package is considered as active Absolutely nothing is required in order to become our partner, it is enough to register and click “Activate” in the “Partners” section of your personal account. P.S. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only $15. As soon as this amount will be made up, the corresponding button of the withdrawal of funds will appear in the personal account. The withdrawal is available via the WMZ details that you should specify separately. How to attract customers? Upon the instant and free activation of the affiliate program, the unique affiliate link will be assigned to your account. When your invitee followed it, we would know that he (she) came from you and would keep this information for 90 days. If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the personal account or by using a form on our website.