How to make VPS even more cheaper?

How to make VPS even more cheaper?

A frequent question is “How can I make VPS cheaper” which is especially important if you plan to use or are already using virtual private servers on a regular basis. We have prepared a number of recommendations that will help you to optimize your expenses.

Perhaps you are already using some of them, but it may be something that will be useful in addition:


For example, the difference between the monthly and quarterly payment may be 5% savings; on a semi-annual payment the discount is 10% and on an annual payment the discount is 15%.

In addition, longer periods have their additional bonuses on our part:

To change the payment period, just write to the support desk in your personal account.


Once a month we give out discount coupons. Therewith, the discount can be seriously significant, truly unique on the market.

To find the coupon, you can:

A. Follow our partners on the network

B. Subscribe for our newsletter on social networks

Most of the coupons are added to natural discount when paying for a longer period (quarter, half year, year). It often happens that there are 65% of discount on the VPS under such a scheme.

In order to apply a coupon to an existing product, write to the support desk from the personal account on the site.


Invite your friends by the affiliate link and earn commissions. Additional income can significantly reduce and even reverse the charges. Do you know that you can get 5-40% of reward with the affiliate program?

Affiliate program

If you have any questions, just send us them and drop in, the list of recommendations is updated.