How to make VPS even more cheaper?

A frequent question is “How can I make VPS cheaper” which is especially important if you plan to use or are already using virtual private servers on a regular basis. We have prepared a number of recommendations that will help you to optimize your expenses.

Perhaps you are already using some of them, but it may be something that will be useful in addition:


For example, the difference between the monthly and quarterly payment may be 5% savings; on a semi-annual payment the discount is 10% and on an annual payment the discount is 15%.

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7 success factors in choosing a Forex VPS

Forex VPS should meet 7 criteria for successful trading. Success begins with the right choice of a server.


Ping is a parameter of the rate of exchange of messages between two nodes in the network. The lower this parameter is, the faster the bunch works. In other words, it is always better to spend less time on the exchange of information between two points in the network.

The ideal option is a zero ping: Ping 0 ms.

Ping is measured in milliseconds.

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